Friday, July 29, 2011

Tips for finding, cutting, and pitting an avocado

When going to the Farmer's Market or the grocery store picking the perfect avocado can be a frustrating task. 

Finding the perfect avocado:

Give the avocado a squeeze and if it does not yield at all then it is too firm and not ripe just yet.  If you are able to press the skin and it yields a little, but still returns to its original shape then it is ripe.  However, if you press the skin and it dents the avocado, then it is bruised and past it ripeness. 

I also like to check to see if this fruit is still good by pulling of the stem.  If it is still green you have the perfect avocado.  However, if it is brownish under there, it is bad and will be filled with brown spots.  I do not recommend buying an avocado that has brown under the stem.

Cutting and pitting an avocado:
1. Cut the ripened avocado right down the center. Rotate the fruit right around the knife. That allows it to open it easily.

2. Take your knife and very carefully aim and hack the pit and it will pull right out.


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