Friday, April 23, 2010

Graham Cracker Roll-Up - Biskuvili Rulo

Just as I is one of the dessert recipes that is quite popular with my family in Turkey. It is very important to stick to the recipe. Do not try to skip some of the steps or it will not turn out well. Such a tasty dessert!!

Biskuvili Rulo - Graham Cracker Roll-Up
3 Gals and a Kitchen

25 square pieces of chocolate graham cracker
1 ¼ stick butter
3 ¾ c milk
¾ c flour
¾ c sugar
1 tsp vanilla
¾ c chopped finely hazelnuts

Crush all the chocolate graham crackers until it is powder like and place on a foiled baking pan (shallow cookie sheet will work).

In a large pot on medium heat, melt butter and slowly add flour, stirring continuously. When the flour is blended and not too chunky, add milk and then sugar. Once these have mixed together well go ahead and add the vanilla last. Stir continuously until the milk mixture begins to pop (boiled), and then turn off the heat. Remove from heat; use the mixer and mix about 5 minutes. Pour it in a zig zag over the graham cracker crumbs (this makes it easier to spread). Spread the mixture all over the graham cracker crumbs. Evenly sprinkle the hazelnuts all over the mixture. After the hazelnuts have been spread evenly, begin by lifting the long side of the foil and getting the one edge to roll inward. Use the foil to help you roll the entire dessert, but be sure not to roll the foil itself. Once the dessert has been rolled entirely you may leave it on the sheet with the foil under it and place it in the freezer for 15 minutes and no more, then move it into the refrigerator overnight.

It is best served when it has had a chance to chill overnight.

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